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When we got the call from Chicago-based dog treat company, Ewegurt, with a need for authentic video testimonials to incorporate into their marketing plan, we knew it was a perfect fit. 

After a conversation with founder and passionate dog lover, Jennifer, we bounced ideas until we landed on the perfect set-up. 

Originally,  Jennifer’s vision  included setting up the testimonials as a real conversation between dog moms. Something you might find at a dog park. As we mulled over this idea, we realized that while in theory it sounded authentic, in practice it would likely come off as very staged and disingenuine. With testimonial videos, it’s a careful balance. 

Production value, brand identity, output channels, and budget each play roles in these decisions, as well. 

Production value: Is this going to look like a Purina commercial or a vertical Instagram story? Or somewhere in-between? That goal directly impacts budget.

Brand Identity: Your brand identity and core values need to shine through everything you create and put into the world. Is your product or service a luxury or a gritty necessity? Is your audience looking for an aspirational identity or an authentic, relatable guide? Depending on the gear, storytelling, and editing style, your brand can shine through with the right planning.

Output channels: As I write this amidst Coronavirus days, we’re seeing a ton of leeway and forgiveness in content. Jimmy Fallon broadcasted from his living room. Cell phone footage is being used in commercials on television. It’s a strange time. But planning your output channels in advance is critical and influences the way a video is produced and framed. 

Budget: A one-woman-show, as I like to call it, is of course quite a bit different in budget than a commercial production. To get the most out of your video shoot, discuss in early conversations all of these factors and make decisions to repurpose footage, shoot to format it in a variety of outputs, and be realistic with where your brand is now. Video marketing is not going away and there is room to grow, try new things, and evolve your creative. The important thing is to jump in.

Website Version

Traditional formatting with video lengths between 2-3 Minutes
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On the Ewegurt website, these videos live in their own dropdown menu with titles that correspond to customer pain points. 

Once we strategized our goal to create authentic customer testimonials, Bright Coral worked with the STL Dog Moms community to facilitate a product testing phase and from there, we selected the dogs that had the most pawsitive results after they tried a variety of products.

Social-Friendly Format

Square formatting with video lengths around one minute
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When sharing to social media and for a primarily mobile audience, it’s important to caption your videos and tell the story in an engaging, authentic way.

Using cell phone footage from the dog moms gave these reviews the same feeling as watching Amazon reviews or influencers on Instagram. 


The music for these videos is custom-composed and stays cohesive throughout the series. 

When producing a series of videos, cohesive graphics, music, and calls to action help viewers easily recognize your brand and become familiar with what you have to offer.

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