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Endangered Wolf Center- Mission Video

A mission video that premiered at their 50th Anniversary Gala, this short film highlights the conservation and education work that has made the Endangered Wolf Center the cornerstone of wolf conservation. 

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African Painted Dog Conference Fundraiser

The International African Painted Dog Conference brought together conservationists, biologists, field researchers, and zoologists from around the world to learn about this fascinating species and how to conserve and care for them in the wild and in zoological care. 

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Arizona Wetlands & Sonoran Desert

Tres Rios Wetlands is an Environmental Restoration project that aims to restore 700 acres in and around the Salt River.

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Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center - Mission Video

Played in theaters across the front range in Colorado, this mission-driven video educates viewers about the plight of wolves and why Colorado’s wild places need wolves to thrive. 

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Weiler Woods for Wildlife - Educational Film Collaboration

In this collaboration between multiple female filmmakers, Bright Coral contributed footage of endangered red wolf pups and intimate family moments that will help others fall in love with red wolves. 

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Endangered Wolf Center - History Timeline Video

This historic timeline of the Endangered Wolf Center showcases its 50-year legacy in endangered species conservation and education.

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