Our Mission

To use our expertise in creative video, photography, and design to help humans fall in love with the natural world.

We are wildlife storytellers.

We help the people who are helping the planet by creating visuals that drive their mission forward.


Our creative team will guide you through the video production process from drafting a script to editing the final video


We’ll help you achieve cohesive visuals for all of your digital and print touch-points.


From digital campaigns to educational signage and billboards, we’ll craft designs that shine a spotlight on your effort to preserve the natural world.


Much like conservation and helping animals, storytelling is collaborative. We work alongside your team to develop messages that will resonate with viewers and create a strategy for your unique project.

Tell Powerful Stories

Through creative video, photo, and design, Bright Coral helps nonprofit organizations and businesses fulfill and expand their mission.

Capture impactful, defining moments

Visuals that reinforce your brand and tell a cohesive story across your digital ecosystem.

Raise Funds For your mission

When it all comes together, we’ll help you fundraise to support your efforts for wildlife and wild places.

Clients We've Helped Make a Difference

Creativity for good.

Film & Video

From script to edit, our creative team will guide you through the video production process.

Digital Strategy

We combine impactful videos, photo stories, and well-crafted messaging to further your mission.

Photo Stories

We capture cohesive visuals for all of your digital and print touch-points with your supporters.


We continue the story of your mission by assisting your development team to raise funds.


Our designs have been instrumental in mission-driven campaigns, education materials, and zoo signage.


Bounce ideas and learn from our expertise, tools, and industry knowledge.

Who We Are

We are animal-lovers. Passionate about conservation, wildlife, and the ecosystems that support life.

years of experience producing videos.
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more is raised by video appeals than those without a video.
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of people who watch a nonprofit video go on to make a donation.
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is the increase of your conversion if you have a video on your website landing page.
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we've helped raise for wildlife causes.
$ M+

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