See how we combine video, photo, design, and strategy to successfully meet our client’s fundraising goals.

“This was our largest matching fundraiser in our 50 year history – we are proud that we met our goal and connected with our existing donors and new audiences. Bright Coral worked with us to create a beautiful direct mail campaign and messaging about each aspect of our mission that helps individuals really undestand where their dollars are going and why this is such an important cause.” – Rachel Broom, Director of Development at the Endangered Wolf Center


As in nature, a healthy digital ecosystem needs every piece of the puzzle to thrive. Each organization’s digital ecosystem will be different, but consider your marketing channels, development strategy, and communication tools to begin. Many factors – technical and creative – come together during this process.

We begin planning a fundraising campaign based on the actual needs of an organization. With the Endangered Wolf Center, the furnishing of a veterinary building was the subject of one successful fundraiser.


Tools & Tactics

We work with a variety of tools to help your development team make the most of a fundraiser. These include social ads, custom audience creation, We also collaborate with direct mail and leadmatch platforms to provide cohesive designs across print and digital touchpoints.

Creative visuals, especially video, can be hard to prove an ROI – video is time-consuming to produce and publish. But it’s a game of consistency, repurposing, and making the most out of your data.

By producing engaging videos throughout the year about this nonprofit’s mission, we were able to target individuals that watched 75% or more of specific videos, which helps us avoid wasting ad dollars on people that don’t engage or truly care about the mission.

Advertising can feel like a dirty word. Even marketing. But when it comes to raising awareness (and critical funds!) for endangered species, getting the word out is crucial.

Individuals that share your mission’s values and engage with your marketing channels need to be reminded why you need support. 

If you’re planning a fundraiser, get in touch with us to discuss support for your campaign.  

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