Tres Rios Wetlands is an Environmental Restoration project that aims to restore 700 acres in and around the Salt River.

When we visited the wetlands, we captured beautiful footage of a variety of birds that make their home in the tall reeds and trees of this restored area.

The many yellow-headed blackbirds were one of our favorite sights, with their mesmerizing flight patterns as they land in the cattails. They numbered in the thousands.

By bringing the Salt River back to the condition it was in during the early 1800s, this project is repairing a natural habitat. 

City of Pheonix

We also ventured to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch and hiked through some trails in the Sonoran Desert. On a tip from a fellow wildlife filmmaker, we went scouting for an owl that was rumored to have a nest nearby. Thankfully, we chose the right trails and some helpful hikers directed us to the nest. And sure enough, there she was, a great horned owl perched in a cactus and snoozing away despite the windy conditions.

In the riparian preserve, we met up with our friend Alan Lacy of Reel Earth Films to bird-watch.

We could’ve spent much more time at each of these restoration areas and preserves.

Here are a few of our favorite clips from these adventures...

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