Impacting Conservation with Video

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Using video to impact important causes is the reason Bright Coral exists.

In 2013, we created several videos for the Endangered Wolf Center to raise awareness about their mission and provide educational content for their tours and events.

In 2017, those videos were used in a crowdfunding campaign on the Paul Newman Foundation website, which raised $37,637.

Conservation is being heavily impacted through social media. Visuals of animals and ecosystems being harmed are powerful in changing human behaviors. 

In July 2018, Plastic Free July campaigns encouraged the public to avoid plastic products for just 1 month, which resulted in many restaurants ditching plastic straws!

Bright Coral also created promotional videos for the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center.

In Colorado, the focus is not on getting the animals back into the wild, but rather to create animal ambassadors that give humans a closer connection to the wild. 

The promotional video featured below entitled, “Colorado Needs Wolves” was used on social media and in theaters.

The results?

Social engagements reached 951 reactions, 37 comments, and 752 shares!

What Our Clients are Saying...

“Bright Coral created several films for the Endangered Wolf Center that were incredible. We have used these films on our website, FB page, for advertising and in the classroom. The films were inspirational, beautiful and captured our Center’s message perfectly. Bright Coral was so fun to work with, professional, talented and listened to what we wanted/needed. I highly recommend this company.” 

– Regina Mossotti, Executive Director of the Endangered Wolf Center of St. Louis

“A huge thank you to @brightcoralcreative for all of your time and dedication to bring such a beautiful piece to life. We look forward to sharing this in theaters across the front range.” – Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center

See how videos with heart can make a difference...

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