Old Hollywood Lighting

It’s funny the way films shape our lives.

I grew up watching black and white movies every Friday night on Channel 9. Spending hours at antique malls was a regular after school activity.

Watching these films and reading old Hollywood biographies left me feeling like I was born in the wrong era. I still remember my Uncle Terry laughing at me as I wore cat eye bifocals at the typewriter and pretended to be able to see out of them!

Fast forward a few years – I took a course in college called something like “Lighting for Film”, which ended up being one of my favorite classes.

Each week we re-created old Hollywood portrait lighting. We used a book that showed the probable lighting setup and we tweaked and tweaked until we felt happy with the result.

So on a lazy Saturday some of the Bright Coral team decided to break out the light kits and have some fun. We recreated some iconic shots, made them our own, and turned on our glam faces.

Here’s the result:


  1. Toni Holder

    Awe Tori!! Such talent!! Your subjects and yourself are like butter, sweet and salty at the same time:)

  2. Sheri Ziglar

    I love them all,especially the James Dean and you as Veronica Lake is it?

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